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A place to wander, wonder and discover

woo-hoo! Is a state-of-the-art edutainment center that offers students and their teachers the opportunity to learn through play. Children are curious learners who are eager to explore the world around them and discover how everything works.

At woo-hoo! all galleries and experiences are created to enhance the learning path of students. Students learn practical applications of what they learn in curriculum all while playing and having fun. The result is deep-rooted understanding of topics and concepts, thereby augmenting their knowledge and skillsets.

All galleries, and programs are designed specifically for students to explore their innate curiosities in a non-judgmental environment. Every experience is based on cutting edge research to provide students the opportunity to independently explore hands-on learning through play with the utmost safety. The concept is centered around fundamental developmental skills that equip students to be successful problem solvers, critical thinkers and community members.

woo-hoo!’s interactive exhibits and didactic programs are packed with hands-on activities that spark student’s curiosity, imagination, innovation, and offers teachers the space to bond and learn with their students. The concept is focused on creating meaningful experiences that are fun for all ages and offer hands-on opportunities for students to explore and learn through play.

In its galleries, programs and events, woo-hoo! creates environments, that cultivate meaningful bonds by offering experiences that are pertinent to families and promote community engagement:

1.) A-MAZE: A gallery of fun, sensory surprises that will engage your students at every turn.

2.) TODDLERS TREEHOUSE: A shoe-free play are for your toddlers to play with toys, books and activities.

3.) CAVE EXPLORER: Explore the caves at woo-hoo! to discover hidden dinosaur fossils, gemstones and geodes

4.) CLEVER CLIMBER: Let your students feel the thrill and fun of climbing to the top of woo-hoo!

5.) AMPLIFY: Students can tune and dance to their own JAM!!!. Teachers can dance to the music created by your own students

6.) SPLASH LAB: Play & dance in the rain for hours, build your own mini-dams, or stand in the giant bubble at the splash lab.

7.) WOO-TOWN: Architects are born at this space. Students can transform the place into their imagination using the giant foam blocks, walls, etc.

8.) UP & AWAY: Explore & fly with the wind at woo-hoo's fly space.

9.) SPLATTER STUDIO: Da Vinci's, Van Gogh's, Picasso's among your students can unleash their art magic here.

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LOCATION: 1 6A St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz 1 - Dubai


  • MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10:00AM to 07:00PM
  • SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 09:00AM to 07:00PM


OTHER INFORMATIONS: Minimum Number of Students - 25



Contact Information

6a Street, Al Qouz 1, Al Quoz Community, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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