Trampo Extreme Nakheel Mall

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Trampo Extreme Nakheel Mall


Trampo Extreme Nakheel Mall, is a family entertainment trampoline and sports park, let's you leap into a great time, whether you want to Jump, explore the Cave, Climb or Play. It's is a sports facility that combines the rebound benefits of trampolining to provide a one-of-a-kind school trip experience. Trampo Extreme activities support children in developing friendships and social skills while staying active. During a fun-filled morning, students will learn safe jumping skills and engage in other activities, such as indoor trampolining and caving. The experience also encourages a positive mindset toward developing ongoing physical activity habits.

School Trip Packages include access to different activities, games with coaches, meal and other add-ons.

It’s a whole new level of active play attractions.

At Trampo Extreme:

  1. MINI PLAY: Area of the Soft Play accessible for the youngest only. (Ages: 0-2 yrs)
  2. RACE TRACK: It’s time for parents to take a back seat and let the littles ones in the driver’s seat. (Ages: 2-8 yrs)
  3. JUMP: The main court, with many interconnecting trampolines, is the perfect place to jump start and warm up. (Ages: 3 years and above)

Indoor Soft Play Area:

  • Incorporating the coolest indoor soft play area in Dubai, Trampo Extreme is the best destination for kids aged 0 to 8. The three-level, 1200 sqm multi-fun indoor play center is themed after global cities. Moreover, it is well-equipped with an attractive range of activities, making it an ideal environment for your students. A special toddler section for kids aged 0 to 2 years is also included in the indoor play park.
  • The park ensure safety and well-being of your students, so parents and teachers can rest assured knowing their kids are in safe hands. Furthermore, by playing and participating in different activities, your little ones will learn to use their senses and interact with other children.
  • The goal in creating this indoor playground in Nakheel Mall is to bring joy and excitement to children. Furthermore, by playing and participating in different activities, your students will learn to use their senses and interact with other children.

Benefits of Activities at Trampo Extreme:

  1. Improved Balance and Coordination
  2. Improves Cardiovascular Health
  3. Boost energy and attentiveness
  4. Fun and adrenaline thrilled activity

School Trip Package includes:

  1. Access to different Trampoline & Soft Play activities
  2. Guided program led by coaches.
  3. Grip socks pair for each student.
  4. Student’s Meal.
  5. Group picture to be sent via email after the School Trip date.
  6. Risk assessment to be sent for the school coordinator.

Why Choose Trampo Extreme?

  1. Experts in keeping kids active & safe since 2018 in the UAE.
  2. First-Aid Certified Team Leaders in all three venues, and a First Aid room available.
  3. Tailor-made school/nursery packages based on age groups.
  4. Hassle-free school/nursery trip booking experience massive facility welcoming several classes at a time.
  5. Competitive Pricing with a fun educational experience.
  6. In-Mall facility with bus parking access, Mall Security support, and respect of Dubai Municipality post-COVID guidelines.



  • Minimum Number of Students: 25
  • Maximum Number of Students: 200

LOCATIONS: Nakheel Mall - Palm Jumeirah Rd - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

OPERATIONAL HOURS: 10:00AM to 10:00PM (Flexible for School groups)


Contact Information

Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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