Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving

Experience the Ocean Floor like Never Before

Ready to dive into a world of underwater excitement? Scravel is the exclusive School Partner of Bermuda Diving Center for Scuba Diving in Dubai. At Bermuda Diving Center, we are eager to connect with scuba enthusiasts and provide them with the best Scuba Diving experience in Dubai.

Scuba Diving is a mode of underwater diving whereby divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply. The name "scuba", an acronym for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus", was coined by Christian J. Lambertsen. Scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air, affording them greater independence and movement than surface-supplied divers, and more time underwater than free divers

Discover Scuba Diving: Discover the stunning underwater world of Dubai with our "Discover Scuba Diving" package at Lamer South Beach in Jumeirah 3. Our expert instructors provide safe and enjoyable diving experiences. We pride ourselves on delivering professional service with a friendly attitude, making your experience unforgettable. The session takes a maximum of 3 to 4 hours.

  • Basic Knowledge by Classroom Briefing: At our Diving Center, we prioritize proper education and training for a great scuba diving experience. Providing a comprehensive classroom briefing in our luxurious facilities. How to use the scuba gear, basic hand signals, and diving safety. We take the time to answer any questions or concerns, ensuring you feel confident before entering the water.
  • Practical Knowledge At the Beach: Apply scuba diving knowledge with our expert instructors in shallow waters. Learn practical gear application from highly trained and experienced instructors, ensuring safety and confidence throughout the complete dive. With Bermuda Diving Center, you can rest assured that you're in safe and capable hands as you begin your scuba diving journey.
  • Scuba Diving Experience with Instructor: The moment you've been waiting for has arrived!. Begin your scuba diving adventure with expert instructors, diving deeper from shallow waters to explore the underwater world up to 6-8 meters. As you swim alongside stunning marine life, you'll have the opportunity to interact with them up close and personal. And to ensure that your memories last a lifetime, we'll capture your experience with photos and videos
Take This If You Want to:
  • Discover if scuba diving is for you
  • Realize what it feels like to be a human who can breath underwater
  • Discover the beauty of underwater world
  • Use scuba gear and get a basic understanding
  • Gain confidence and learn valuable skills that will prepare you for future scuba diving adventures.

Package includes:

  • Transportation from dive center to the dive site
  • Scuba gear for use
  • Towels and slippers for use
  • Popcorn, juices, coffee, slushes, water
  • Underwater pictures and videos
  • Certification of completion


  • AED 299 per Student
  • 10:1 Complimentary for the accompanying Teachers. Additional Teachers has to pay the Student Price.

LOCATION: Bermuda Diving, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



  • 08:30AM to 12:00PM for Schools
  • 08:00AM to 09:00PM for General Public


  • Minimum Number of Students - 10
  • Venue Capacity per Session - 30


  • Available Course Languages: English, Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, Urdu, Malayalam
  • Having knowledge of swimming skills are not required to try scuba diving.
  • There is different kinds of sea creatures to see underwater in our diving site: Angel fish, Goby fish, Pistol shrimp, shells, hermit crabs, sea urchins, sea horses and if you're lucky Turtles.
  • Underwater everything looks 33% visually larger than outside of the water. Using soft contact lenses are fine. Anyway we will provide you pre-powered masks upon your requests, free of charge.
  • Minimum Age: 10 years and above
  • Scuba Gear: We will provide all the equipment's needed for the dive. All you have to bring is your swim wear.



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