Rocksport Residential Program

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Rocksport Residential Program

Bringing IB Learner’s Profile to Life

Rocksport Residential Program is Asia's Largest Adventure programme that introduces participants to the world of soft adventure and outdoors. Over a 1.5 million students from over 1000 national and international schools have experienced Rocksport programs with a 100% safety record in past 16yrs. For its innovative learning techniques, Rocksport Programs became the first in India to win the Education Excellence Award for “Best Adventure Education” in 2012, “Best Physical Education Program” at the Indian Education Congress in 2015.

Rocksport programs also received the “Excellence in Outdoor Education” at Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018 and the “Best Outdoor Education” award at the Global Education Awards 2019. As an outdoor education organisation, it is in our DNA to curate programs that not only give a great and joyful times to participants but also help them take back something more meaningful and long lasting. Rocksport works closely with Duke of Edinburgh Awards (DofE), Round Square and IB to curate experiences that help shape up global citizens

Rocksport Residential Programs are experiential learning holidays for 9-17-year-olds. Campuses for these programs are located near popular tourist destinations and are nestled in the lap of nature, providing a superior alternative over traditional holidays. During the program, students perform adventure activities, explore surrounding towns, converse with local communities, and develop new skills, aligned with the IB Learner’s Profile.

Activities at camp are designed to support the personality development of students, enabling an environment of compassion and care between all participants as they learn to overcome obstacles and a sense of healthy risk taking and accountability as they work together in teams. The structure of the day also allows for reflective thinking and encourages students to make presentations about their learnings through the camping journey.

The programs also offer a unique experience of being one with nature as students learn about flora and fauna and appreciate the calmness and beauty of nature. By working together, they learn the importance of teamwork; identify their strengths, challenge their fears & become confident and responsible individuals.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award:

A life-changing experience. A fun time with friends. An opportunity to discover new interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers. The DofE is many things to many people, supporting generations to successfully navigate adult life. At Rocksport 14-24 year-olds can do a DofE programme at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Any young person can do their DofE – regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Achieving an Award isn’t a competition or about being first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries


  1. Mussorie
  2. Corbett
  3. Nainital Hills
  4. Shimla Hills
  5. Bhowali
  6. Sariska
  7. Ranthambore
  8. Pali
  9. Garhmukteshwar

Supporting the IB Learners Profile through camp activities

1.) Caring: Students learn basics of first aid, how to make a human stretcher and fire response. Through interaction with local schools and healthcare workers, they become sensitive towards the basic needs at these villages and care more for the less privileged.

2.) Principled: At camp, students are encouraged to align their body clocks in a way to harness maximum energy through the day. They follow a strict discipline of waking up early, having timely and nutritious meals, participate in work that involves development of physical, mental and intellectual strength and go to bed on time.

3.) Communicator: Activities such as face painting, samba and poster making provide creative ways for students to express their opinions and encourage them to unleash their emotions in varied ways.

4.) Reflective: Students engage in activities such as silent hour, journal writing and storytelling that help them introspect and express their inner emotions. Nature activities such as pugmark study, trekking, stream runner and raft building, encourage curiosity about the ecosystem. Students begin to think and understand the effects of melting snow, how water cuts through rocks to create natural waterfalls, how caves are formed, the affects of weather and wildlife on vegetation, etc.

5.) Risk Takers: The various activities at camp are designed to encourage students to push beyond their comfort zone. Activities like caving, rappelling and rope courses help develop courage to face fears and overcome obstacles

6.) Knowledgeable: Students learn about different kind of caves, their formations and how their used by wildlife while caving. During survival trek, students are taught about living in the wilderness and being resourceful

7.) Inquirer: As students learn to read maps, navigate using compasses, use basic resources to build catapults and rafts, they develop a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm to learn and develop new skills.

Why Rocksport Camps are considered safest on the planet

1.) Adventure is our DNA: One of the rarest combinations of the people who started Rocksport. Both the founding directors of Rocksport are adventurer themselves. Mr. Manish Gupta was the first climber to represent India in Asian Championship in Singapore in 1996 & later became the chief coach of Indian climbing team for 7 yrs. Mr. Piyush Khandelwal was part of the Indian climbing team. After training other climbers at Indian Mountaineering Foundation for several years he later Co-founded Rocksport. Mr. Ankit Khandelwal was awarded the President’s Award for Scouts and Guides in 2003.

 2.) Certified & Experienced Instructors:

  • Over 140 Trained instructors on company payroll with 10000 hrs. of training and delivery experience from diverse disciplines makes us the India’s best team to conduct outdoor adventure programs for kids.
  • Regular refresher trainings of Technical, First Aid, Gender sensitivity trainings, a Training Expedition and Train the Trainer programs are conducted to upgrade the instructors of the latest innovations in the industry.
  • All the instructors are Police verified to ensure safety of students.
  • Highly skilled and seasoned Camp Commander with minimum 6 yrs. of experience in running the residential adventure camps as an instructor who are then graduated to the camp commander level.
  • 8:1 child to the instructor ratio ensures highest level of guidance and mentorship for students.

3.) Best in Class Adventure Equipment

  • World class UIAA certified equipment that is regularly checked though a logbook and discarded from time to time.
  • Detailed Risk Assessment of all the activities and the campsites conducted and mitigated point by point.

4.) Safety at Campsite

  • The campsites have proper fencing, night guards and security cameras.
  • Separate designated areas for girls’ and boys’ accommodation to ensure safety of students.
  • Healthy mix of female instructors to ensure comfort of female participants.
  • Power back up at all Rocksport campsites.
  • A permanent structure at all campsites to evacuate the participants on an extreme weather day.

5.) Safest Journey

  • Thorough check physically of each vehicle before it’s used by the participants.
  • Police verification of driver and conductors.
  • Double vaccination certificate of driver and conductors.
  • Safety and Hygiene check done of the break points for enroute meals.
  • Pre decided and clean washroom break points for all the Rocksport Camp routes.

6.) World most sophisticated SOP’s and Check list system: All the trainings, checks and operations are done through the SOP documented in over 2 decades and refined regularly.

7.) Doctor and First Aid

  • Certified nurse trained with either EMT or PTT, mobile with students and treks along to give First Aid when needed.
  • Daily doctor visits are planned at the campsites.
  • An ALS Ambulance for the journey and on campus to evacuate participants in any emergency.
  • The campsites are strategically located that they are not too far from the city and yet amidst nature.

8.) Best Adventure Education Company in India: Only Indian adventure company to be awarded as “The Best Adventure Education Company” in India by Ex Hon. Minister Shashi Tharoor 2012 and “Best Physical Education Program” at Indian Education Congress 2015. Rocksport programs are also awarded “Excellence in Outdoor Education” at Adventure Sports Expo Asia 2018 and the “Best Outdoor Education” award at the Global Education Awards 2019.

9.) Strong Back office: A great back-office team to educate the parents through parent orientations, support in error free logistic and helps in running all the programs smoothly. They keep a strong watch on the participants while they are on move to provide a very professional and reliable experience.

10.) Approved & Certified : Rocksport Programs are recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, accredited by Indian Mountaineering Foundation and are part of Adventure Tour Operator Association of India.

11.) Help to earn college credits: The programs are great combination of adventure and service activities, therefore help students to earn credit points for IAYP, cover CAS hours for IB students.

Suggested Grades: Grade 5 and above

Other Information:

  • Minimum Number of Students - 25
  • Any damage to the assets of the company by the participants during a camp/program will be borne by the school or students.
  • For Payment details and more information kindly contact us


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