Quranic Park

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Quranic Park

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Quranic Park offers wonderful insights into the Holy Quran, enhancing awareness of the Islamic values of peace, love and tolerance. It's a landscaped park recreating scenes from the Holy Quran, including caves & fruit orchards. There are many surprises spread over the 64ha park – discover the different plants mentioned in the holy book, or take in the lush greens on show, including an Islamic garden, a desert garden and a special area dedicated to Andalusia in Spain.

Students can also enjoy the Cave of Miracles, which illustrates the holy book’s remarkable events through interactive technology, and the Glass House that is home to unique plants that grow under specific environmental conditions. It's a pioneering modern, cultural project that emerges from the cultural and scientific achievements of Islam, a wonderful opportunity to explain many wonderful meanings and miracles that the Holy Quran contains in the scientific and medical fields.

Location: Al Warqa Road, Quran Park, Al Khawaneej – Dubai

Operational Hours: 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Suggested Grades: FS1 and Grade 5

Minimum Number of Students: 25


Contact Information

Al Warqa Road, Quran Park, Al Khawaneej – Dubai
Phone 2
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