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Hollywood Magic is Here

MotionGate Dubai has the Best-in-branded entertainment from three of the largest and most successful motion picture studios in Hollywood – DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate – complete your students visit to a world of innovation and creative storytelling by visiting MOTIONGATE™ Dubai theme park .

Columbia Pictures

Hang on tight as you embark on a high-speed chase, Green Hornet style. Join the Ghostbusters in a paranormal battle to save New York City. Or take on the Lycans with vampire warrior Selene in the supernatural universe of Underworld. Experience an action-packed land with 7 attractions, including a family water ride, coasters and interactive shows where ghosts roam, zombies rule and meatballs fall from the sky

Smurfs Village

Welcome to the magical world of the Smurfs. Where fairytale mushroom-top houses capture imaginations and a colony of friendly blue Smurfs await at every corner. The village of the internationally beloved Smurfs offers 5 immersive attractions including interactive play zones, exciting family rides and a charming theatre show for all generations to enjoy


Explore four unique lands based on the blockbuster classics Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Shrek – all entirely indoors!
Play the hero and save the day with 12 mind-blowing attractions. Experience roller coasters, thrilling family rides, multimedia theatre shows and interactive play zones that you’ll never forget.


With exhilarating thrill attractions, delectible food offerings, trendy merchandise, and high-energy live entertainment, LIONSGATE brings to life the fast-paced, action-fuelled THE WORLD OF THE HUNGER GAMES and the awe-inspiring dance spectacular STEP UP DUBAI, ALL IN!, based on the lastest installments of the Step Up franchise

Studio Central

Your journey starts by stepping into Studio Central at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai. Get transported into the Golden Age of Hollywood at the real life movie sets of New York City. Go behind the scenes and discover the illusion of filmmaking, theatrical opening shows and the characteristic executive offices of a working movie studio

Opening Hours :  12:00–9:00 PM (CAN BE OPENED AT 11 IF MINIMUM 100 STUDENTS ARE THERE)
Location : Dubai Park and Resorts - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai

Other Information

  • Minimum number of Students 25
  • All 4 park admissions are including combo meal
  • We do not permit the following within the Parks:
  • Outside food and beverage (Exceptions are any food required for medical purposes, medically–indicated nutritional supplements and baby food/baby formula)
  • Fighting or abusive language
  • Smoking in non-designated smoking areas
  • Unruly behaviour
  • Intoxication
  • Queue jumping
  • Weapons of any kind, or potentially dangerous items such as items made of glass or with sharp edges
    Coolers, suitcases, and bags with wheels
  • Clothing with offensive language or content
  • Clothing that identifies the wearer as emergency personnel
  • Pets (except service animals in special cases that will be determined by us)
  • The use of two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles such as Segways.
  • The use of recreational devices such as remote control drones, toys, scooters, inline skates, skateboards or shoe with built in wheels.
  • The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale.
  • Photography, videotaping, or recording of any kind for commercial purpose without our prior written approval.
    Unlawful or immoral behavior
  • We reserve the right to deny admission for any reason. We reserve the right to remove guests from the Park if they fail to comply with these terms and conditions or any other applicable rules regulations, or instructions, without a refund. This is without prejudice to any claim that we might have against you or arising from your actions.
  • Please always read safety signs and follow the directions of our employees .
  • Your dress and appearance must be suitable for a family theme park and in keeping with the culture and values of the United Arab Emirates.
  • You must supervise children in your care and arrange a meeting place in case you should become separated.
  • Smoking (references to which include electronic cigarettes) is not allowed inside the Parks. You may only smoke in the designated areas.
  • The safety and security of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. By entering the Parks, you consent to you and your belongings being subject to searches, screenings and/or security checks. Locker rental is available for your convenience at an additional charge; valuable items should be stored in these lockers or not brought into the Park.
  • You must not leave your belongings unattended in the Park


Contact Information

motiongate Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (north), Al Wajeha Al Bahriha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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