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Enjoy Hatta - Enjoy Mountains

Hatta offers aesthetic mountain ranges along with a rich, cultural backstory. Apart from the magnificent mountains, schools can indulge themselves in various adventurous activities . A trip to Hatta Dubai is an escape away from the hustle of city life, so here's all you need to know before you plan your perfect school trip to Hatta, Dubai.

Hatta is an exclave of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, high in the Hajar Mountains. The restored, centuries-old Hatta Heritage Village features a defensive tower, stone houses with palm-frond roofs, and falaj, the traditional water system. Other exhibits include traditional weapons, furniture and crockery. At the nearby Hatta Dam, the Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point overlooks the pools of striking green water.

Top Attractions at Hatta:

  1. Hatta Water Dam
  2. Hatta Hill Park
  3. Hatta Heritage Village
  4. Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre
  5. Hatta Rock Pools
  6. Hatta Swan Lake Bridge
  7. Wadi Hatta Park
  8. Hatta Grand Mosque
  9. Hatta Kayak
  10. The Hatta Wadi Hub
  11. Hatta Swano
  12. Sedr Trailors Resort
  13. Hatta Caravan Park
  14. Damani Lodges
  15. Hatta Watch Tower and Hatta Fort

Location: Hatta ,Dubai

Suggested Grades: Grade 8 and Above

Other Information: Minimum Number of Students 25


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Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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