Green Planet

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Green Planet

Tropical Forest in Dubai

The Green Planet is Dubai’s very own tropical rainforest. This green oasis is a bio-dome invite students to explore Earth's fascinating flora and fauna through an immersive expedition into the tropics. Designed as an enclosed ecosystem, The Green Planet recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with over 3,000 plants and animals and the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree.

The bio-dome here is made up of four levels: the Canopy, the Midstory, the Forest Floor and the Flooded Rainforest. Each level discusses the role and the importance every part of a rainforest plays. The delicate layers of the forest have been recreated with the different plants and animals that inhabit it, providing a glimpse behind the veil of greenery.

The educational and recreational facility raises awareness for the delicate balance of nature and the preciousness of one of our world’s oldest living ecosystems making it the ideal educational destination. The Green Planet is set to inspire students of all ages and nationalities to learn about and care more for every single plant and animal that inhabits the earth.

Aiming to educate guests about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of Earth, The Green Planet exposes Dubai to another world within its glass dome – all of which is responsibly sourced. Appealing to visitors of all ages, it is one of the perfect spot for school visits.

LOCATION: City Walk - Al Wasl – Dubai


  • School Timings: 09:00AM to 11:00AM & 11:00AM to 01:00PM
  • General Timings: MON – SUN: - 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Other informations:

  • Minimum Number of Students - 25
  • Venue Capacity - 200
  • One dedicated trained educator will lead each group throughout the facility
  • Bookings should be done 3 weeks prior to date of visit


Contact Information

The Green Planet, Al Madina Street, City Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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