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Space For Future Football

Footlab is the world's first Indoor Football Performance and Training Park. With its own unique technology, Footlab pushes players, teams, and groups of friends to test and improve their football abilities, speed, technique, strength, precision, and awareness. It's exclusive sports analysis data suits for for both professional and amateur athletes! A one-of-a-kind space dedicated to the king of sports and those who love it!. FOOTLAB’s exclusive patented software and hardware provides unique sports analysis data that can be applied equally to professional and everyday athletes!. It is the space for the Future Football.

With its own world unique technology, Footlab provides to players, teams and groups of friends, systems for testing the skills and speed and improve this capabilities, in a context of team or individual challenges. This sports analysis is suitable to recreation and professional activities, thanks to the implementation of patented software and hardware exclusively for FOOTLAB. The Street Soccer, Footvolley and 5-a-side football fields with stands and video coverage, are available to participants. 

CHALLENGES FOR CHAMPIONS: In four competition stations, the participant is evaluated on his ball control technique, pure speed, kick power and precision - receiving a detailed performance report at the end and being able to enter the Hall of Champions. The integration with social networks is total: socializing and challenges, as well as memories of hours of fun, can be saved and shared with friends.

FROM PITCHES TO BARS: Are you coming as an athlete? Everything is ready waiting for you, from the dressing room to the pitch. Do you prefer to watch? We have a 178-seat stand and walkways with excellent views of the complex and stations. For companions or to refresh your body after your exercises, there are two Bar / Lounge areas with a panoramic view of the entire complex. A unique space dedicated to the king sport and to those who live it with passion.
Group Activities at Footlab:
  1. STREET SOCCER: Gather your friends and compete in an 8x6m field and experience the creativity and exciting style of Street Soccer. Get ready for an amazing experience with tighter rules, such as direct free kicks and accumulated fouls that result in penalties.
  2. CHALLENGE 360: In this activity, 2 teams of 3 players each will compete. Follow the lights as they light up to score on your opponent's goal. The Challenge Station helps players improve their peripheral vision, decision-making and reaction time. Who can score the most goals in 15 minutes?.
  3. FOOTVOLLEY: Gather your friends for a 2V2 game like no other! Pass the ball over the net and get points when your ball hits the ground on your opponent’s side or is shot out of the pitch. Footvolley can be used by athletes looking to improve their ball control, pass, strike precision, reflexes, core strength and motor skills.
  4. FOOTBALL FIELD: Experience the thrill of five-a-side football, 20x40m fast paced and fun! Bring your team, bring your game and play football! Empowered with F.A.R (Footlab Assisted Replay) technology, for save and sharing those favourite game moments.

Individual Activities at Footlab:

  1. TECHNIQUE: The dribble with ball and speed will be evaluated. The posts are illuminated in orange at the beginning, and as the player dribbles between the posts they turn to green to confirm that he executed the dribble correctly. Speed is of essence at this station. Your results are recorded in speed and accuracy.
  2. SPEED: At the Speed Station, players run 20m and measure their speed, acceleration and deceleration. Results are displayed on the screen at the end of the station, with full details and stats, and on the Official App.
  3. PRECISION: In this activity players shoot 5 targets, earning points according to the difficulty of the target, only possible with our sensor technology. Accuracy is key to football performance. The station is timed, and points are calculated as a total number of shots scored on target!
  4. KICK POWER: In this activity players will take their most powerful shot on goal to measure how fast they can score in km/h, only possible with our best sensor technology. This station allows players to test and improve their technique and kick power.

LOCATION: Dubai Sports City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

OPERATION HOURS: 10:00Am to 10:00Pm (flexible for schools)


Other Informations:

  • Minimum Number of Students - 25
  • Venue Capacity - 90 per session



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