Crocodile Park

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Crocodile Park

Experience the Wild

Crocodile Park Dubai is one of the most unique and environment friendly attraction in United Arab Emirates. Over 250 Nile Crocodiles - hatchlings to over 5metre big crocodiles are housed at the park. The crocodile park project in Dubai is a glowing symbol to the species of crocodiles and their various types from the ghost of the yard, and the park also displays the life cycle of crocodiles, and all stages of their life, from the stage of laying eggs, to reproduction and their family life forms.

The Park has a modern Cafe with life-like wild animals exhibit giving them the ambience of a Night at The Museum Movie Set! and three different zones as part of the students tour. There is also an outdoor cafe at the park where visitors can come and watch the crocodiles for free! through a glass wall while having delicious meal at the cafe!

Crocodile Park Zones:

1.) Pond Basin: The park allocates a basin with pond for the Nile crocodiles, known for their enormous size and strength, as they are the second largest reptiles remaining in the world in size after the saltwater crocodile. Students can walk around the basin and observe the crocodiles. A first-hand experience with hatchlings is also a part of the students tour.
2.) Museum: At the Museum, students learn & observe various species of crocodile through ages. They learn the history, breeding techniques and mythologies associated with the crocodiles. They will also be learning about the incubation of crocodile eggs at the incubator inside the museum.

3.) Aquarium: A big aquarium of hatchlings with fishes is a must watch at the park. Students gets a chance to encounter the hatchlings very closely here.

Educational Programme at Crocodile Park:

The students programme at the park is carefully prepared as per their academic requirements with individual sessions at the pond, museum and the aquarium. The programme taught at Dubai Crocodile Park Field Trip covers the following topics:

1.) Nile Crocodile Natural History:

  • Origin of Crocodiles
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Anatomy of Crocodiles
  • Reproduction of Crocodiles

2.) Crocodiles in Mythology:

  • Stories that tie the existence of Crocodiles to African & Asian cultures
  • Other references of Crocodiles in the literature

3.) Conservation:

  • Environmental role of Crocodiles in their natural environment.
  • Crocodiles under human care



  • Minimum Number of Students: 25
  • Maximum Number of Students: 150

LOCATIONS: Crocodile Park, Mushrif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Session timings for Schools:
  1. 8:45 am to 10:00 am
  2. 10:15 am to 11:30 am
  3. 11:45 am to 1:00 pm
  • Normal Working Hours: SUNDAY – THURSDAY :- 08:45AM to 09:00PM


  • The complimentary teacher ratio is 1 teacher entry for every 10 paying students and KG students is 1 teacher entry for every 5 paying students. Extra teachers will be charged same as students.
  • The school should reach 15 minutes prior to the selected session.
  • For special needs students, they will pay the same as the other students and accompanying staff will be free.
  • Annual passholders and other offers are not applicable with school trip.
  • The visits are guided by a trained Educator who will give all the educational insights for the park and lead the visit to make this experience something fun and stress-free for the teachers.
  • Wrist bands must be shown at the restaurants to get meal. Food will not be served without wrist bands.
  • Kindly do not carry any valuables to the park. Park will not be responsible for the lost belongings.
  • Please do not feed the crocodiles.
  • Please behave in a decent manner as you are representing your school.


Contact Information

Crocodile Park, Mushrif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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