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Bounce Al Ain is one of UAE’s most kid-friendly spots and coolest urban playground destinations. It combines trampolines, airbags and adventure challenge features to create Freestyle Playgrounds that lead the world in action entertainment. There are plenty of exciting options for fun-seekers of all ages. The Mini Bounce program hosts activities for children between three and five years old who want to get a jump start, while older bouncers can team up and participate in a game of dodge ball. Bounce also houses the X-Park Ninja Warrior obstacle course, which features 18 exciting elements, including a zip line and a bouldering wall. BOUNCE, is about inspiring everyone to forget the serious stuff and get immersed in adventure and fun.

BOUNCE is a sports facility that harnesses the rebound benefits of Trampolining and uses it to deliver a unique school trip experience. Bounce has hosted over 100,000 school kids in the region since the opening of the first facility in 2014 in Dubai. Bounce has been awarded The Best Indoor Sport And Recreational Facility in the Gulf region, according to the SPIA Sports Awards.

Why Bounce?

  • Trampolining has tons of great benefits – it helps with coordination & agility, works as a great detox, gets your heart pumping, and above all, the thrill of learning a trick or two makes you REALLY HAPPY!
  • Once you make your first jump on our trampolines, you unlock a world of limitless freestyle fun.  From kids of walking age through to freestyle athletes, there’s something for everyone!
  • A little bit of jumping makes all the stress go away! Come to BOUNCE to experience the magic of freestyle. It stimulates the brain and releases endorphins that will instantly lift your mood.
  • Whether it’s to learn a cool trick or two, or to simply guide you through all the freestyle fun, our hosts are super friendly, encouraging & inspiring!

The Best School Trip Experience:

  • BOUNCE School Trips have been developed to provide physical, social and emotional benefits to primary and secondary aged children of any skill level. Bounce aims to help children make a connection between fun and physical activity. The experience also encourages a positive mindset towards developing ongoing physical activity habits.
  • The BOUNCE environment also helps children develop friendships and social skills while keeping healthy and active.
  • The group sessions bounce has designed for schools explore the athletic fundamentals of balance, coordination and agility through our exciting lens of freestyle.
  • BOUNCE hosts are selected and trained around the philosophy of inspiring physical activity, self-expression and human connection.
  • A trained BOUNCE HOST will ensure that the students have an AMAZING experiencemaximizing fun whilst enforcing safety

Something for Every Skill Level:

  • Sessions for PRIMARY AGE groups focus on fun and developing self-confidence, which flows naturally from the sense of achievement and socialization that is big part of BOUNCE.
  • For SECONDARY AGE groups, sessions can include basic skills development that fuel progression as we introduce elements of freestyle.

LOCATION: BOUNCE Al Ain-Third Floor, Near Food Court, Remal Mall


  • Monday to Sunday: 12.00 PM – 10.00 PM


Other Informations:

  • Minimum Number of Students - 25
  • Venue Capacity - 150


Contact Information

Bounce Al Ain, Remal Mall, Al Ain, UAE
Phone 2
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