AquaFun Water Park

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AquaFun Water Park

Thrill and Fun - Unlimited

AquaFun Water Park is the world’s largest inflatable water park that operates throughout the year. It's a massive obstacle course that spreads on more than 42,400 sqm. Students can burn 700-1200 calories on the park area over and hour. It tests their coordination abilities, endurance, upper body, lower body and core strength in the most potential fun manner!

The ticket is for an entire day - limitless pass that student groups can go in and out however much they like until nightfall. It doesn't make any difference what wellness level the students will be, they will constantly have some good times under the sun at AqauFun! Students need to have basic swimming knowledge to participate and enter the park as they will need to swim from the shore to the park which is usually 20-50m depending on the tide.

LOCATION: The Beach, opposite of - Jumeirah Beach Residence - Dubai

OPENING TIMES: Daily: 09:00AM - Sunset


  • AquaFun Water Park offers 10:1 Complimentary for Student Groups.
  • Student Package is inclusive of Meal inside the Park
  • Outing appropriate for Students from Grade 8 to University
  • For General Public group booking option is available. Enquire Now to Know More details.

STAY INFORMED – Terms & Policies

  • Appropriate swimwear is required
  • Follow lifeguard instructions at all times
  • Keep hydrated, drink lots of fluids
  • Use no less than a factor 30 SPF sunscreen
  • All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy and must weigh less than 120kg.
  • Guests with medical conditions may be restricted to ride on some of the attractions
  • If you are not a confident swimmer please wear a life jacket
  • Long hairs must be tied back
  • All participants aged 12 and under must be accompanied in park arenas by an adult over the age of 18 years for the duration of their visit.
  • Participants irrespective of age will not be directly supervised by court marshals.

Inappropriate swimwear includes and is not limited to:

  • Underwear
  • Cotton clothes
  • Transparent bathing suits
  • Street clothes, long flowing clothing and underwear will not be permitted.
  • Shorts with protruding designs or accessories on the back e.g. rivets, wetsuits
  • Long necklaces and chains
  • Swimsuit should be free of metal; buttons, zippers, buckles or snaps that could be abrasive to other swimmers and slides
  • Any clothing or accessory deemed as potentially damaging to the slides
  • Regular diapers are not permitted in any pool or attraction. Swim diapers are available for sale at the gift shops

Things that are not permitted in AquaFun Water Park:

  • Outside food and beverage, or any glass items
  • Fighting and abusive language
  • Running and diving
  • Unruly behaviour and horse playing
  • Intoxication
  • Queue jumping
  • Devices that contain exposed needles which do not retract into the device or other sharp points and edges (May be stored in First Aid Room)


Contact Information

AquaFun Water Park, JBR Jogging Track, The Beach, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone 2
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