Al Shindagha Museum Teachers Premiere Event – 1st October 2022


Al Shindagha Museum Teachers Premiere Event was organized by SCRAVEL in association with TALENTS on 1st October 2022. The Event started at 9:00AM, with a small presentation by the museum to introduce the school project. It was followed by visit to the individual houses and museum at Shindhaga. Refreshments were provided to our dear invitees. The Event witnessed participation of 50 Schools from Dubai.

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Al Shindgaha Museum: From humble beginnings as a fishing village towards the rise to global prominence, Dubai has captured the imagination of the world luring thousands of foreigners to come making it their home. The Shindagha Museum delights its students and teachers with a taste of Dubai, widely known for its openness and progressive thinking, Dubai’s culture and traditions are at the heart of The Shindagha Museum, where people from near and far can learn about its fascinating past.

Al Shindgaha Museum:

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